Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting Healthy

So, this seems like an oxymoron to me due to the fact I've never been "a picture of health".  That being said, however, I've decided over the last few months to work on being healthier.  I found out in October I have diabetes and my doctor encouraged me to lose the belly!  Holy crap, this belly is my food baby and i've been working on it for years.  Anyway, fast forward a few months (and some nagging from a couple of people :P) and i'm down about 20-25 lbs. Yea!

Now it is the beginning of a brand new year and I realize i've reached the point where I need to make some lifestyle changes to continue on this journey.  Now, i've never really cared much what number the scale says but I do enjoy feeling healthy.  I remember there was a time about 18 years ago when I was in relatively good physical shape and it was great!  Fast forward 18 years and i'm approaching 40...damn that's old.

I'm sitting here in my bathrobe after eatting lunch and I realized I like food.  I think most of my food problems come from being lazy and lack of portion control.  I like to eat most anything although I do require meat as a staple.  Fruits, veggies and meats are all good to eat, I just need help with the preparation and portions. 

The biggest lifestyle change for me is going to be getting up and getting moving.  Yes, exercise!  I'm lazy, not weak.  The lazy in me wants to come home from work and sit here at the computer for a few hours before going to sleep.  The lazy in me wants to stay in bed in the am until the last possible minute that I have to jump up and head out the door for work.  The lazy in me stays in my pjs on my days off until I have to get dressed to leave the house for some reason.  Up to this point in my life I've always said I lack the motivation, I need someone to help push me into exercising.  Now I'm telling the truth, i'm LAZY!!

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  1. yay we joined the gym.. now i just gotta nag at you to go more!